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The Choices Ahead

Dear Students,

Student thinking about applicationsYou will be making important decisions over the next year, and we’re developing this website to help teens and their families with the choices ahead. Because we live in an age of global technology, this website emphasizes the importance of math and science courses. Even if you aren’t planning to go into scientific fields, math and science courses are critically important for a wide range of careers, college preparation, and basic life skills. Students need a good background in math and science to keep their options open in today’s workplace.

Our website provides a collection of web resources that may be helpful as you think about your future.

Whether you are just beginning to think about the college application process or you are interested in a specific field or career, these websites offer a lot of information that will be helpful for learning more about particular fields of study (biology, chemistry, physics, and math).  You can also learn more about specific careers (e.g., veterinarian, landscape architect, medical technician, engineer, nurse, and many more) and the preparation they require.  The websites will also be useful for helping to plan programs of study in high school and college, and you will find information about college planning and the application process.

We have also assembled some general science websites to provide interesting examples of science and math in everyday life.

Finally, we provide a collection of brief interviews with students at UW-Madison who talk about their current studies and high school preparation.

We have organized the websites into five categories:
Pre-College Planning          
Science and Math Fields
 (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math)
Careers (Career Exploration Websites, Biology and Chemistry, Healthcare, Physics and Engineering, Math and Architecture)
Science in Everyday Life  
What UW Students are Saying