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Helping Your Teen with Pre-College Planning

Parent and studentThis Career Cornerstone page is a great starting point for parents who want to help their teens explore career possibilities. From this page, parents can find recommendations for high school programs, information about academic degrees and universities (programs offered, school size, cost), and a database of interviews with professionals working in different fields.

This Career Cornerstone page is an excellent starting point for information about pre-college career planning, with advice about course selection, summer programs, college fairs and special learning opportunities that can supplement high school courses.

This LifeWorks website from the National Institutes of Health provides excellent guidance on planning for college, including information about the importance of early planning, exploring career paths, finding the right school, taking the required tests, visiting colleges, and discovering payment options.  The website provides a wealth of information about each topic, as well as detailed guidelines for students in 11th and 12th grade.

Boy writingThis Career Cornerstone page provides more specific information and advice about course selection in high school, as well as detailed information about Advanced Placement courses.

Choosing a career and a corresponding major will help your teen decide which colleges are right for them.  This website can help them start thinking about careers.

This website ( can help your teen find the college that’s right for them. There are three ways they can select a college on this site:

  1. By name
  2. By preference: Use the College Finder to identify campuses using preferences such as college type, location, size, cost, campus life, academics, etc.
  3. By wizard: Using the College Matching Wizard allows you to explore the advantages/disadvantages and definitions of various factors affecting the college selection process.

Family at tableThis Bureau of Labor Statistics page provides parents with information about the financial value of a college education, as well as a wealth of resources regarding how to finance college education.

Here you'll find hundreds of pages of articles about college admissions and financing, and much more. You'll also find one of the most active discussion communities related to college admissions (with separate discussion forums for parents), and a section on visiting colleges.