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What UW-Madison Students are Saying

We interviewed several students at UW-Madison about their major and program of studies here, and asked them how their math and science classes in high school prepared them for life at UW. Here are some brief excerpts from their interviews.

Ashley"Math and science helped me with prerequisites to apply to the business school like calculus. High school math and science classes also gave me the basic understanding of concepts that are still referred to throughout the many classes I have taken at Grainger- from finance to marketing."

Senior, Marketing major in the Business school


"I am glad that I took math and science courses in high school because it gave me a solid base / platform of knowledge / information for the field. I still utilize the material learned back then in advanced pre-veterinary classes today."

Senior, Zoology/Pre-vet major

Steven“I came to UW hoping to major in anthropology. After taking some anthropology classes, it was clearly not the right choice. However, my high school calculus and advanced science background gave me plenty of other options. I decided to major in chemistry after my first semester. Without my prior knowledge of math and science, I would have been either really unhappy or really behind.”

Sophomore, Chemistry major

Antoinette"Learning math and science in high school was helpful because science helped me with reasoning. It also aided in research that I have done in college. In sociology you use the scientific research method when doing your research on topics, for example."

Senior, Sociology major with a certificate in Criminal Justice

Matt"Going the extra mile and taking honors chemistry and calculus in high school has really helped me.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed by my first college chemistry course, I felt like I had a head start on the other students, and that confidence helped me to do well.  As a student studying Pre-Medicine, my major is very competitive and coming into college with a good background in math and science has helped to keep me ahead of everyone else."

Sophomore, Pre-med major

William“I think that the classes that you take in high school are basically good knowledge to have and help you to think better. They also prepare you for college, especially the AP courses, since they are similar to the introductory courses in college. So even if you don’t take the AP exams but just learn the material, it’s good enough to give you a headstart in college.”

Junior, Chemical Engineering major

Sarah“My dad made me enroll in calculus in high school, saying that it would open doors for me when applying to universities.  My best friend and I both applied to the University of Wisconsin Madison.  We had almost identical transcripts, only I had calculus and she didn’t.  I was admitted to UW and my friend was not.  My dad was right, it did give me an advantage in my academic career.”

Senior, Psychology major

Angwei“Virtually all of the courses that I took in high school have been useful to me one way or another in college. Being a biomedical engineer, I had to take a variety of math, biology, chemistry, and physics courses, and I felt that taking those in high school helped me to build a strong foundation for the subsequent courses in college. In psychology, the math and statistics that I learned in high school have helped a great deal in doing research and data analysis. Even if the math and science courses in high school don’t seem particularly applicable to certain majors, they still help to develop a logical thought process which is essential in college, no matter what major you are in.”

Junior, Biomedical Engineering and Psychology major

Sarah"Although I did not particularly care for math or science in high school, once I got to college I was so glad that I opted to take advanced level courses in each. I didn't realize at the time how much a strong background in math and science would help me with the required courses for my major, like zoology and statistics. Math and science classes weren't the most interesting to me, but they very well may have been the most useful, and I probably would have struggled through many college courses had I decided only to take the minimum level of math and science required for graduation."

Junior, Psychology Major/Criminal Justice Certificate Program